Skydving Courses

The method followed at Skydive Lillo for skydive learning is the so-called AFF, (Acelerated Free Fall program), which offers the best results in terms of swiftness and safety, since from the very beginning of the course, the student dives from 12.000 ft and enjoys one minute of free fall with his/her instructors.

The AFF course has been designed to teach novice skydivers the basic free fall movements in an easy and funny way. We apply to our teaching skills the most modern and safe methods approved by the main National and International Skydiving Federations. Our instructors have many years of experience, and our skydiving school and all our skydiving courses have been fully certified by the RFAE (Spanish Royal Federation of Air Sports), which allows you to skydive anywhere in the world, once you graduate.

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Ground School

The AFF course begins with a theoretical class on the Basic Manual of Skydiving. Do not worry if you already have some notions of this sport, either because you have followed the static line parachuting course or because you have already started the course at another skydiving centre; we will adapt the theory to the needs you still need to cover.

The ground schooll begin on the first day of the course, and last for approximately 6 hours, although this may experience minor variations, since all students are different, and each person requires a different period of time to understand the underlying concepts. This is the reason why this is a customised course that suits your requirements.

You will discover many interesting things, and when you finish your theoretical instruction, you will be longing to take the plane with your instructors to begin the practical stage and complete the 7 levels of the course.

AFF Jumps

Once the ground scholl have been completed, it will be time to put what you have learnt into practice and board the plane to begin jumping.
The skydiving course comprises 7 levels (jumps). The first three levels are made with two instructors that will be by your both sides, to teach you the basic skydiving position and allow you to become acquainted with the new medium.
Starting on the fourth level, you will cleared to fly with less assistance and, consequently, you will be accompanied by just one instructor, who will be on your side during the whole freefall period to help you with anything you might need.
One jump after another, you will advance and learn to fly until, once you complete your seventh level, you become a graduate skydiver, cleared for unsupervised freefall anywhere in the world!

Canopy Control

Most students think that skydiving just means free fall, but it is necessary to learn how to handle the parachute (canopy) in a safe manner. For that purpose, we devote a great deal of time to prepare each canopy flight on the ground, before the jump (briefing), and to the subsequent analysis, after each jump. ((debriefing)).

You will learn some basic concepts regarding the handling of the canopy, and what you must and must not do, during a theoretical class at the beginning of the AFF course. Furthermore, during each and every jump of the course, you will be connected via radio to your instructor, so that he may counsel and help you during the canopy flight, until you safely land at the designated area.


Your course instructor carries a digital video camera during each jump, to record the complete jump sequence, that will subsequently help you to learn after the jump. Each jump will be analysed with your instructor, and improvement actions will be suggested for the following jump.

At the end of the course, the instructor will give you a pendrive with all your jumps, so that you can see your progression during your skydiving course, bout also to allow you to make your friends and family green with envy with the experience you have lived.