About Us


The owners of the dropzone began our skydiving practice at the end of the 60’s and since then, we have been involved in the learning and training of thousands of skydivers of the BRIPAC (Skydive Brigade) of the Spanish Army.

After many years of profession and military experience, we open the Sports Skydiving School at Bailén (Jaén). Subsequently, we moved to Minaya (Ciudad Real), but finally, in September 2000, we moved again to Lillo, to a newly built airfield owned by the Spanish Royal Aeronautical Federation, in an effort to comply with the task entrusted by the Royal Federation (RFAE) to promote Sports skydiving and the opening of a school which offers the public the opportunity to learn from the experience of free fall professionals with more than 35 years of experience within the scope of skydiving.

The Spanish Air Federation, along with the Consejo Superior de Deportes, qualified our Lillo Airfield and our skydiving school as a high performance centre for the training of athletes from anywhere in the world who want to practise our sport. There are many Spanish and foreign skydivers who have trained at our facilities and have subsequently obtained great achievements at international level.

The best athletes of all disciplines are still being currently trained at our skydiving centre, which is also registered with the Air Federation of Madrid


Thanks to the efforts made during these years, Skydive Lillo is currently considered one of the most prestigious training centres for the practice of skydiving, both at Spanish and European level. The main principles on which we focus our daily work are Safety and Quality. Furthermore, we are the only skydiving school in Spain which has a professional quality management system, including an on-going development program for our instructors and staff.

We have been internationally recognised by the FAI (International Aeronautical Federation), the RFAE (Spaniksh Royal Aeronautical Federation) and the FAM (madrid Air Federation), as well as many other international organisations, like USPA (United States Parachute Association).

Our team of trainers and instructors consists of qualified professionals with many years of experience in the field of skydiving and thousands of jumps, distributed in different modalities. Our staff has an international orientation, so that we may offer training and attention is different languages, including Spanish, English and Portuguese.

These circumstances, along with our extensive opening hours, and the fact that the centre opens every day, are basic for a quality service to clients, which is our biggest target.