Do you want to try the feeling that you experience in free fall but you have no experience or knowledge about this sport?

Feel the rush of freefall jumping with an instructor.

Record the moment! HD Video recording or photos

Celebrate it with style! Full video and photos coverage of the jump

Tandem Skydiving is the fastest and easiest way to jump. It can be practised by any individual, irrespective of their age or physical shape, since it is not the student, but it the instructor, with thousands of jumps of experience, who controls everything. Attached to a professional, qualified instructor, you will jump from 12000ft, with a parachute made for two persons, enjoying 50 seconds of freefall.

Without the need for experience or prior courses! Just come and enjoy yourself.

Enjoy your skydive jump with maximum safety

As in any other type of skydiving, safety is a must with this type of jumps. The equipment used for tandem jumps includes larger parachutes, especially designed for 2 people. All the items are in perfect maintenance conditions and incorporate state-of-the-art safety systems.

Furthermore, all our equipment includes a second parachute with similar characteristics, known as reserve or safety parachute. And each and every one of the tandem parachutes used at Skydive Lillo incorporates a small computer or chronobarometric type safety system, which is an automatic triggering system which fully guarantees the opening of the parachute, if so required, under any circumstances.

Tandem skydiving may be practised by any individual over 16. A signed parental legal consent is required for minors, but the consent must be signed at the offices of the centre by any of his/her parents or legal guardians.

The maximum weight for tandem skydiving is 100kg. Physical disabilities do not prevent skydiving, but may entail some restrictions; consequently, it is advisable to consult the centre before booking.

Take the best memories with you. Video and photo recording.
Experience again the sensations of your first jump!

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