Other Services

Advertising, TV and Cinema

Currently, advertising media are getting exhausted, and resources and new ideas are related to alternative advertising media. The Skydive Lillo Skydiving Centre offers the possibility of cooperating with advertising campaigns, offering skydiving, aviation and its facilities as a medium or location for advertising.

High-impact advertising is being constantly sought nowadays; and nothing has a greater impact than a sport with the characteristics of skydiving. Skydive Lillo has sufficient human and technical resources to carry out these activities.

In the last year, several TV channels have contacted us to carry out advertising works with us, or to make reports that improve the audience of their programmes:

Tele 5

Zona Disney
A tu Lado

Antena 3

Sabor a ti
Espejo Público
El programa de los sábados


En Acción
Buenos Días Madrid. Informativos
Madrid Directo (en varias ocasiones)


Zona Disney
España Directo
Escuela del Deporte
Aquí en la Tierra

Cuatro Tv

El Topo
Solas en la ciudad
Hermano Mayor
Perdidos en la Ciudad

Furthermore, we have also made some reports for different written media,, gossip magazines (Hola, Diez Minutos, Lecturas.etc) Women’s magazines (Telva, Mia, Cosmopolitan etc.) business magazines (El publicista, Travel.etc.) newspapers and Sunday supplements (El Mundo, El País, ABC) or production companies, for their cinematographic creations.

However, our presence in the media did not only consist of reports designed to increase the audience or the purchase interest of certain media, but we have also made TV advertising campaigns for Nokia N-gage, Renault Megane, Honda, Audi, Groupama Seguros, etc.

At Skydive Lillo we help to promote brands, products and events either through skydiving or the different aeronautical activities, or through the so-called extreme sports, including balloon jump, paramotors, crane jumps, etc, through or group of specialist staff.

You can watch on our youtube channel some of the productions made at Skydive Lillo by those companies and artists who have placed their trust in use for the promotion of their brands:

I encourage you to contact us so that we may show you the different activities that can make your product, brand, TV program or advertising space appear in a dramatic and unforgettable manner within the market.

Services to the Army and Independent Schools

European Armies increasingly seek the support from civilian professional organisations for the development of their operations, jumps, training and learning activities. Similarly, foreign independent schools send their own students to Lillo.

At Skydive Lillo we take special care so that our visitors may find everything they are looking for within our facilities. This is the reason why we offer a comprehensive service, tailored to the needs of each segment:

  • Skydiving activities 365 days a year
  • Flexible schedule for the commencement of the activities
  • Turbine aircraft, which guarantees a large volume of rotations and jumps every day
  • Large warehouse for materials to rent
  • Free internet access
  • Private training and meeting rooms with TV
  • Special prices for groups
  • Easy accommodation for groups in the vicinity of the drop zone
  • Catalogue of activities for days without activities or for leisure time
  • Drop zone located at 1-hour distance from Madrid Barajas International Airport
  • Transfer service from the airport, railway or bus stations (check availability)
  • Coaching service for jumps and wind tunnel
  • Servicio de coaching para saltos y túnel de viento

Contact us if you want more information or in case you have any doubts.