AFF Options and Prices

Cursos Paracaidismo Madrid

If you want to obtain your license as a skydiver, you must complete all 7 levels and, to that effect, you must follow at least the basic AFF course. However, if you want to live a unique experience with a single jump, or simply go step by step, we have also that course you are looking for.

This is the other option besides the Tandem jump, to have your first experience in free fall. Do you want to try what a skydiver feels in the first person? You will make your first parachute jump with your own parachute, assisted in the air by two instructors for you. If you like the experience, you will be ready to continue with the rest of the levels and do a complete course…

You need 1-2 days to do this course.

For the most traditional. You will be able to know what the world of skydiving is, step by step. You start with a Tandem jump and then you will do the first level of the course. Surely you will go down wanting to continue until the end.

You need 1-2 days to do this course.

If you are looking for a complete skydiving course and a degree with which you can jump alone and introduce yourself in this sport, this is your course !!! It is the most economical you will find. You will make your seven levels and then… to jump!

You need 3-5days to do this course.

The classic course of skydiving. This AFF introduces some options that make the Basic AFF more complete, such as making a tandem jump prior to the first level of the course or 12 minutes of flying with a coach in the wind tunnel.

You need 3-5days to do this course.

With the Advanced AFF course you have included the training jumps, after your seventh level, with a personal trainer, in order to obtain the A License (necessary in skydiving in order to jump with more people in the air). With this course, in addition to making your training period until your License A is cheaper, we also complement it with time in the wind tunnel.

You need 7-10 days to do this course.

AFF Step by Step

If you enjoyed the experience of skydive after AFF Baptism or the Skydiving Initiation Course … money will not be a problem to continue your training. With this course you can do it to the rhythm of your economic possibilities: you can buy level by level as you are doing it or if you are determined to finish it … you can also buy a bonus for the remaining 6 levels that comprise the entire course to obtain your official title . You must talk with our instructors to know the conditions of this course.

  • Levels 1-3 with 2 instructors (315 € / level)
  • Levels 4-7 with 1 instructor (200 € / level)
  • Logbook
  • Skydiving Manual
  • All the equipment
  • Package levels 2-7 1200€


  1. All payments must be made in advance at the beginning of the course. As soon as you request it, you can be given a report on the status of your account.
  2. To reserve a course, press here. We will help you choose the aff course that best suits you.
  3. Next you have to make a deposit or bank transfer of €100 to guarantee your reservation in our account Club Compluto: La Caixa ES69 2100 3667 9122 0002 1689 
    Stating your name and the name of the chosen program.
  4. All AFF packages do NOT include the federation license (Except the Tandem Jump and the Expert AFF), which includes accident insurance, medical assistance and civil liability, which must be paid by the student prior to the start of the course. Presshereto see the different options.
  5. Nor are included in the prices of these AFF packages, the repetition of levels if there.
  6. The jumps of the Basic AFF and Classic AFF have a validity of three months from the conclusion of the theoretical part. The Advanced and Expert AFF jumps are valid for 6 months. If once you have done the theoretical part and the Tandem Jump, you decide not to continue with the course, we will refund the unused portion of the course. This will allow you to start the course with the guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your first experience, we will refund the unused money.
  7. Once the first level of the AFF course has been done, no refunds will be made.
  8. The AFF Initiation and AFF Baptism courses do not admit refunds.


For the practice of skydiving it is necessary that you have insurance that covers you and your responsibility to third parties for practicing the sport of skydive. 

Insurance of the FAM (Madrid Air Federation) 
You have 2 options:

  1. Annual insurance: € 154 (expires on 31.12)
  2. Quarterly insurance: € 97
  3. Insurance is processed the same day you arrive at the DZ.