Our Equipment

We use only the best equipment for our school. Bearing this in mind, we do not look only for their quality, but they are also subject to exhaustive reviews on a weekly and monthly basis. You will feel comfortable with it, because we will show it to you from the theoretical classes, and you will be thoroughly familiar with it when it is time to jump.

At our materials warehouse, we have more than 25 skydiving kits for the students and for rental to skydivers, all of them from the best skydiving brands worldwide.


Our harnesses have been manufactured by the most prestigious brands worldwide: Javelin Odyssey, Mirage G3 and G4 and Aerodyne, all of them leading brands in the world market. The large number of models and sizes allows any jumper to feel comfortable with the equipment, irrespective of his/her size and weight.

Main Canopies

The main canopies (parachutes) have been manufactured by Perfomance Designs and Icarus canopies, and their sizes vary from 300 to 107 square feet, which allows us to give you the one that perfectly fits you, on the basis of your height and weight. The parachutes offer a high performance on flight, and they are “workable” canopies, that will allow you to increase the control of your canopy in a safe way.


Automatic Activation Device
The AAD is a device which has been designed to open your reserve parachute at a predetermined height, in case that you you have been unable to open the main parachute. We are convinced that we have taken the most appropriate decision when we incorporated this device into all the equipment.


All the equipment have a reserve canopy, which is subject to safety reviews at regular intervals. These reviews are made by a professional Rigger, who is an expert in parachute maintenance. We work with the best known brands in the market, including Performance Designs and Aerodyne, using state-of-the-art equipment.

Additional equipment

The additional equipment required for the practice of skydiving is also included with your course. Headgear, jumpsuits, altimeters and goggles. Obviously, they are in the best conditions of use.

Purchase your own equipment

After your skydiving course, before purchasing your own equipment (canopies or whatever) please tell us and our professional team will help you to take a decision.

The selection of the skydiving equipment is a much more important decision than anyone can ever imagine. Not only can be an expensive choice, bit it must also be considered on safety terms.

ur skydiving centre has contacts with the most important parachute manufacturers worldwide. We may offer you first hand information concerning the pros and cons that you will find with any of your choices. Nobody is better prepared than us, who are professionals of this sport, to help you to take the best decision, based on your level, your capacity, your physical fitness, etc.

Skydive Lillo, which is an international drop zone, is a sales representative of the best parachute manufacturers.


The Skydive Lillo School is one of the best and most active training centers in Europe and is internationally recognized.