Welcome to Skydive Lillo

Make your dream of flying come true! The Skydive Lillo skydiving centre, located just 60 minutes south of Madrid, offers a wide range of products, both for experienced divers and for those who want to enjoy the feeling of free fall for the first time.
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Why skydiving at Skydive Lillo?

1. Extended opening hours

Skydive Lillo, as a professional organisation, provides an extensive timetable, thus allowing the practice of skydiving on weekdays (Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays), weekends and holidays, from nine in the morning till dusk. So, you will be able to jump whenever you want! Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to seize every day you devote to the practice of skydiving.

2. Ideal location and weather

Skydive Lillo is a perfect location for the practice of skydiving: the weather, far from the sea and the mountains, makes that 80 % of winter days and 98 % of summer days are perfect. Furthermore, the facilities have large extensions of landing grounds free from any obstacles, which makes them perfect for aff students and skydivers. It also has a large grassy area for the landing of expert jumpers.

3. Highly qualified Staff

Surely, one of the most important success factors of Skydive Lillo are the skills, experience and dedication of all the members of our staff. They are great professionals, who have obtained their knowledge at different schools of different countries. Also, we are the only skydiving centre in Spain which has implemented a professional quality assurance system, including an on-going professional development program for our instructors.

4. Equipment and Safety

Skydive Lillo uses the latest material, directly purchased from the most important manufacturers of skydiving equipment. The equipment is in perfect maintenance conditions, and incorporates state-of-the-art safety systems.

5. Pleasant atmosphere at the DZ

Both the aff school and the dropzone are customer-orientated. This fact, as well as the friendly nature of instructors, make that passengers, students and skydivers reckon that they have found a home for skydiving, as well as a place to spend their leisure time. Come and join us! You will see why “Skydive Lillo is different”.