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Skydive Lillo has perfect weather conditions for the practice of skydiving throughout the whole year, the location of our skydiving centre is exceptional and the centre is perfectly linked and communicated by an adequate network of large motorways, at the heart of Spain, just one hour south of Madrid. Furthermore, it is the place which is closer to Madrid where you can fly in total freedom, since the air traffic control of the Capital City does not interfere with the activities.

The dropzone has a large area with a hangar where the parachutes may be packed, as well as rooms for equipment, training and video rooms, manifest, office, skydiving shop, the AFF school with its training room, the “rigger corner”, bar, toilets and showers. Skydive Lillo also has large landing zones, free from obstacles, that are ideal for the training of new skydivers.

If you really want to enjoy some good jumps, within a pleasant environment, at a lovely area, with a good climate and plenty of sunshine … come with us! And you will notice why “Skydive Lillo is different”.