We have a Pilatus Turbo Porter aircraft, which is permanently stationed at the DZ. This utility aircraft is one of the best for the practice of skydiving, and one of the most widely used ones worldwide. It has capacity for 10 skydivers and takes us at an altitude of 13,000 feet in just 15 minutes, which allows us a large rotation of flights, so that you will never have to wait for your jump.

In case of special events, like boogies, competitions or concentrations, we may also have other aircrafts available. You may obtain information regarding future events in our schedule of events


You may solve any problem, make any change or repair your parachute at our rigging loft. We have all the machinery required for any type of repair, including mayor changes in harnesses and containers.

We offer:

  • Assembly of all systems.
  • Reserve parachute packing.
  • Maintenance, repairs, changes, change of lines.
  • Checking of all components.
  • AAD Maintenance.
  • ...and anything you may require.

We guarantee our best service and quality, since we have state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.

Skydiving rental gear

You will not find anywhere in Europe a broader range of harnesses and canopies for rental as you will find here at Skydive Lillo. Our material warehouse contains 45 skydiving kits, for all levels of experience, from Students, with Navigators from 300 to 200 feet and Sabre 2 from 210 to 170 feet, and canopies like Silhouette, Spectre, Katana.... We have in total more than 75 canopies made by the post prestigious parachute manufacturer worldwide, Performance Designs.

At Skydive Lilloyou will not have to wait for your turn to use a equipment, so that you may jump as many times as you wish.

Furthermore, Skydive Lillo, as an international dropzone, is a distributor of the best parachute and equipment manufacturers worldwide. Our instructors may help you to choose all your skydiving material, on the basis of your experience and needs, and to help you throughout the whole process of harness and/or canopy purchase.

Packing area

We have a 400m2 hangar with carpet floor to fold the parachutes. There are hangers and shelves around the whole perimeter, so that you can leave your equipment there until is time to use it, as well as an area for parachute folders and the materials warehouse.

The hangar also contains an area for skydivers, with ottomans and a large 42” TV set where you can watch the videos as you talk about the jump with your colleagues.

The hangar is a non-smoking area, and dogs are not allowed.

Team rooms

We have rooms available for teams, for all those who wish to progress in this sport, from the novice ones to high-competition teams.

Landing areas

One of the most appreciated values of Skydive Lillo are its safe landing zones, somewhat which is a must to jump with total confidence and safety, irrespective of whether you are a novice or a experienced skydiver. At Lillo, you will be sure to land on a wide and safe space.

The landing area for tandem jumps and expert skydivers is adjacent to the hangar. At the back of the hangar there are two additional landing zones with large ploughed lands, ideal for the landing of less experienced skydivers and students.

One thing is sure, no matter where you land, you will walk back to the hangar, because all these landing areas are very close to the hangar!


Our clients have a terrace area with tables and chairs, where they may have a refreshment or a snack while they are waiting for their flight, or simply to enjoy incredible landings, since the bar is just in front of the landing area for tandem jumps and expert skydivers.

The bar offers breakfasts, sandwiches, pizzas and, at the end of the day, skydivers may reunite to have some beers or enjoy a barbecue while they talk about the jumps of that day.