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With the Advanced AFF course you have included the training jumps, after your seventh level, with a personal trainer, in order to obtain the A License (necessary in skydiving in order to jump with more people in the air). With this course, in addition to making your training period until your License A is cheaper, we also complement it with time in the wind tunnel.

You need 7-10 days to do this course.

For the most traditional. You will be able to know what the world of skydiving is, step by step. You start with a Tandem jump and then you will do the first level of the course. Surely you will go down wanting to continue until the end.

You need 1-2 days to do this course.

This is the other option besides the Tandem jump, to have your first experience in free fall. Do you want to try what a skydiver feels in the first person? You will make your first parachute jump with your own parachute, assisted in the air by two instructors for you. If you like the experience, you will be ready to continue with the rest of the levels and do a complete course…

You need 1-2 days to do this course.

If you are looking for a complete skydiving course and a degree with which you can jump alone and introduce yourself in this sport, this is your course !!! It is the most economical you will find. You will make your seven levels and then… to jump!

You need 3-5days to do this course.

The classic course of skydiving. This AFF introduces some options that make the Basic AFF more complete, such as making a tandem jump prior to the first level of the course or 12 minutes of flying with a coach in the wind tunnel.

You need 3-5days to do this course.

Feel the feeling of skydiving! Jump with a instructor and enjoy the freefall from 13.000 ft. Come on!
Enjoy the adventure of your first skydive jump and record that moment! You can share it with family and friends and re-live it as many times as you want.
All inclusive! The feeling of the first parachute jump don’t repeat: tandem skydiving with HD video and photos to remember your greatest adventure.

Esta es la otra opción además del salto en Tándem, para tener tu primera experiencia en caída libre. ¿Te apetece probar lo que siente un paracaidista en primera persona? Harás tu primer salto en paracaídas con tu propio paracaídas, asistido en el aire por dos instructores para ti. Si te gusta la experiencia, estarás preparado para continuar con el resto de niveles y hacer un curso completo… ¡Animo!