Becoming a "Professional Rigger" is another way to work in the skydiving business.
The Riggingloft at Skydive Lillo offers different Rigging Courses and can prepare you for the Rigger Licences of the following countries: United States / Germany / Spain.

The courses will take place from 9:00 to 18:00 h. There will be 2 day’s off per week so you can study, skydive or visit Madrid etc.

The courses will run year-round but it is necessary to make an appointment at least one month in advance.

If the course outline or the prices should interest you and you wish to reserve a course date, send us your inquiry via email as soon as possible to because we train only 2 students at the same time.
Instructors Academy
Professional Packer
You want to work on a Dropzone as a packer and have already some main packjobs.

Now it is the time to learn all the little tricks to make even the Velocity open straight and the Sabre open soft. You also learn how to be fast and safe at the same time and close different containers without sweating.

Duration: 2 days.
Rigger Class C
(DFV Fallschirmwart)

This is the basic course and you will learn how to inspect and repack different reserves into different harness / containers (including tandems). Each harness / container system counts for a different type rating.

After the basic course, you can obtain more type ratings at any time with an Advanced Rigger (Class B). You will also learn how to do minor repairs without using sewing machines (like hand tacking; Cypres maintenance; Fingertrapping; assembling etc.)

This Licence is equivalent to the German DFV-Fallschirmwart.

Duration: 4 weeks, including 1 day for written and practical exam.
Class C
Rigger Class C
For people who do not have the time to come over for a whole month, we offer the Rigger (Class C) to be done in 14 days.

You will learn the same stuff but with no day off and open end at the evenings.

Be prepared to work and learn a lot.

Duration: 14 days, including 1 day for written and practical exam (no days off)
Class C
Advanced Rigger Class B
(US-FAA Seniorrigger)

In this advanced course you will inspect and pack more and different rigs to get at least 10 different type ratings. You will also do a lot of repairs: mainly sewing with different sewing machines (patches, change Velcro, change lines, container repair.) change grommets etc.

It also includes the maintenance of different sewing machines.

This Licence of course C+B together are equivalent to the US-FAA Senior Rigger.

Duration: 4 weeks plus 4 weeks (optional) practical work in our Riggingloft.
AFF Instructor Course
Master Rigger Class A
(US-FAA Masterrigger / DFV Fallschirmtechniker)

You do all kinds of work, including harness repair. You will also work in the loft to learn how to organize and work the loft and deal with customers.

This licence is equivalent to the US-FAA Masterrigger and German DFV- Parachute Technician.

Duration: 4 weeks including 8 weeks of practical work in our loft and 2 days for written and practical exam.
Master Rigger Class A
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