After finishing the AFF course and passing the consolidation jumps it is time to make some more progress in learning how to jump with other people.

This is when skydiving really becomes fun! But it also needs a lot of practice as formation skydiving is not only getting out of the plane together but really takes a long way of training. To get the basics of formation skydiving and the ability to fly your slot it helps to invest some money into a great coach instead of learning by yourself with a lot of solo jumps because inthe end you will save not only time but money as well.

Flying with other people who have not learned the right skills is dangerous and bares a lot of potential hazards. It is very important to be trained and informed by the right professionals.
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According to the British Parachute Association a rating to show the allowance to jump with other people is even required and mandatory at all British Dropzones: FS1.

We offer the FS1 coach program in order to get the FS1 rating.
The FS1 course covers one hour of groundschool and ten coaching jumps of which the ninth jump is a 3-way and the tenth jump is a 4-way skydive. In between the jumps you will be briefed and debriefed with a video analysis of your performance and with a setup of new objectives for the next skydive. You will get the DVD with the recording of your jumps after graduation.

During the course you will learn how to fly the mantis position, how to make forward and sideways movements and dock to another person, to adjust your fall rate,to keep the levels and to do turns in place without loosing your slot position.

All these skills are essential for flying with other people or to be able to take part in bigger or smaller formation skydiving.

For most European countries there is no formal qualification available or it is already included when you apply for the Skydiving License. In the UK however, you will gain the BPA FS1 / CAT 10 qualification which will be shown and signed in your license.

At the end of the course there is a practical evaluation of your abilities. You will graduate on your FS1 if you show good altitude awareness, safe tracking skills and a minimum of 4 points on the 4-way skydive. The 4-way formation will include you and your coach and two more experienced skydivers from the Drop Zone.
  You will get a theory introduction into the techniques of exits, freefall position, movements upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards and tracking. Furthermore your instructor will teach you how to fly sideways and how to use your whole body.

During the jumps with your instructor (1- to 1), you will practice everything you learned in theory classes. The more you jump with him, the more you will be able to use the theorical knowledge during the jumps. As you will not forget what you've learned, this will help you in all the future jumps you do, even in the jumps without an instructor.

So start your training now! Soon you will be able to participate in formation jumps with your friends.

Introducción 1 a 1 Basic
5 coach jumps:

  • 10 Jump Tickets for student and Instructor.
  • Exit techniques (Diving, Floating).
  • Body Position and practice of approaches to Instructor.
  • Ups and downs, Floating and acceleration.
  • Back and forward movements, Leg and Arm work.
  • Safe flattracking.
  • 1 lesson of mental preparation.
    Introducción 1 a 1 Silver
    10 coach jumps:

  • 20 Jump Tickets for student and Instructor.
  • All of Basic package.
  • Sidesliding with complete Body.
  • Turns in Place (180°/360°), Body and Mind Combination.
  • 2-way FS Work and Work in the relative wind.
  • 5 jumps on video.
    Introducción 1 a 1 Basic
    15 coach jumps:

  • 30 Jump Tickets for student and Instructor.
  • Incl. Pack Silver.
  • All of Silver package.
  • Turns around knee and chest.
  • Turning and sliding combined in special manoeuvers.
  • 1 Day of Seminar and Coaching.
  • 6 FS jumps and all jumps on video.
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